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About Us

Gold Ring Investments Inc, is a partner to Santomenno and company in New Jersey. A small Independent Investment Management group whose primary executive sits in the lead capacity of Registered Investment Advisor, (RIA) Founded in 1975 by Rocco R. Santomenno, the company has built a strong reputation in financial circles as a fair and unbiased group for portfolio advisement capacities. The company continues to build on its strong client base with their commitment to success for each and every account they serve.

Our Team

Rocco R. Santomenno

Rocco received his B.S in Banking and Financing and MBA in finance from New York University. Rocco has actively managed client portfolios since starting the company and continues a solid reputation for his commitment to life time achievement of goals for multitudes of individuals and pension group accounts.

President / Chief Portfolio Manager

Wanda Di Paola

Wanda has held the position of Chief Investment Officer/ Real Estate since 1976 and has the responsibilities of overseeing and managing the Real Estate investments pursued by the company in select geographic locations in the United States. Wanda’s keen sense of market timing and knowledge has benefited many holdings for both company and client positions.

Chief Investment Officer/ Real Estate

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